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We rent LCD, LED, Plasma, HDTV monitors in Ottawa

We rent the following HDTV LCD monitors:

LCD Size
26' LCD Monitor
32" LCD Monitor
40" LCD Monitor
50" LCD Monitor
60" LCD Monitor

We rent LCD, LED and Plasma monitor ranging from
26" to 60" in size. Our monitors can be connected with ease to a Laptop (Mac or PC), VHS / DVD player, video camera or other video device and support full audio.

Our monitors include a solid base allowing them to be placed on a multitude of flat surfaces.

LCD, LED & Plasma for professional applications
For professional applications we recommend using our optional 72" adjustable rail mount stand (as shown in the image on the right).

Which monitor is right for my application?
Our knowledgeable team of experts will help recommend the type of monitor best suited for your specific application.

Basic facts about LCD monitors
Flat-panel LCD displays are significantly brighter and feature higher contrasts than traditional CRT TV sets and will perform exceedingly well under most ambient light conditions.

Reduced glare: A brightly lit room won't wash out its picture, nor will the light cause a glare on your television screen. You don't have to turn out the lights to see the image clearly and easily. Nor do you have to worry about eyestrain, since LCDs don't flicker the way old-fashioned TVs do

LCD monitors can be viewed from almost anywhere in a room since they can have up to a 160° viewing angle, which means that our monitors will look good when viewed from any point 80° in either direction from the center of the display.

Basic facts about LED monitors
LED TV is an improved version of LCD TV that uses a LED back light instead of a fluorescent one. This helps alleviate the problem of poor color fidelity that some LCD's suffer from.

Improved contrast ration: LED offer greatly increased contrast ratio than LCD (up to 2 000 000:1)

Ultra-Slim: LED TVs are extremely thin and lightweight, some models up to 55” in size and less than 1” thick.

Energy efficient: LED TVs use far less energy than LCD and Plasma and produce far less heat.

Basic facts about Plasma monitors
Plasma TVs offer exceptional Color: in fact Plasma TVs display up to 16.77 million colors - more than the human eye can even register - to provide a highly accurate, lifelike picture.

High Resolution with increased contrast ratio to LCD: Plasma TVs are able to display a high resolution, and are capable of displaying HDTV signals.

Contrast ratio ( the difference between the brightest and darkest parts of an image): Plasma offers a much higher contrast ratio (often as high as 1 000 000: 1) compared to 50 000 to 100 000 for LCD.

Wide Viewing Angle: Plasma TVs offer the best viewing angles, equal to that of the best direct view (CRT) sets. Plasma TVs are noticeably superior LCD TVs in this regards.

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