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We Rent an Assortment of
Microphones in Ottawa

Wired, wireless, hand-held or lapel microphones...
Microphones are a great way to reinforce sound when addressing a large audience or speaking in a spacious environment. We rent a variety of microphones including: wired hand-held microphones, wireless hand-held microphones and wireless lapel microphones.

Which microphone is right for my application?
Our knowledgeable team of experts will help recommend the type of microphone best suited for your specific application.
Here are some basic facts about

Wired microphones
These are by far the most affordable microphones available. Wired hand-held microphones are capable of producing high quality sound. They can be used as a stand alone microphone or in quantities specific to your requirements.

we rent wired hand-held microphones in ottawa

The main drawback: The range of hand-held microphones is limited by the length of the XLR cable connecting them to the mixer/amplifier.

Basic facts about Wireless microphones
Wireless microphones have an excellent range without the limitations of cables and are also capable of producing excellent quality sound.

Wireless microphones use a receiver connected to a direct current power source to transmit sound while the microphone unit is battery operated.

The main drawback: Wireless microphones may be affected by interference which produces undesirable results. They are also more expensive to rent than wired microphones.

Hand-held wireless microphones
Hand-held wireless microphones are typically used in applications where the speaker's location will change frequently or when the mixer/amplifier is a greater distance away from the microphone.

we rent wireless hand-held microphones in ottawa

Lapel wireless microphones
Wireless lapel microphones are directly attached to the lapel portion of the speaker's shirt. This allows the microphone to be more concealed and less intrusive while allowing the speaker to use both hands freely. The battery portion of a lapel microphone can be hidden in the speaker's pocket.

we rent lapel microphones in ottawa

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