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We Rent Podiums & Lecterns
For All Occasions in Ottawa

Podiums for presentations, events, training
and more...
We rent podiums made of solid wood for typical meetings. More exotic plexiglas podiums are available for special events such as fund-raisers, awards and galas!

Full size lectern, podiums
These are the most common type of podiums available.
Full size podiums are free standing and can easily accommodate accessories such as lights and microphones.

Mini podium, lectern
This space-saving version of the full size podium is great for small groups and boardroom meetings! At a height of only 12 inches, they are intended to rest on a table allowing the speaker to simply stand from his or her chair to address the audience.

Mini podiums are now available in a collapsible travel size version! Contact us for more details.

Sound system related accessories