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Our projectors are user-friendly and can be easily connected to a laptop, computer, video camera or VCR / DVD player using a VGA cable, DVI cable or standard RCA Video cable.

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what you should know
before you rent a projector

Projectors are used for presentations, business meetings, trade shows, screenings and special events. When trying to determine which projector is best for your application we recommend the following considerations:

  • Intended use (meeting, trade show, screening, event...)
  • Ambient light levels (daylight, indoor lighting, low light)
  • Audience (who will view the projected image?)
  • Image Size (desired size of the projected image)
  • Budget (projectors with a higher lumen output cost more)

Projector Rental Reference Chart projector rental reference chart

Projector Intensity Screen Size Audience
1600 lumens up to 6 x 6 feet 20 or less
2500 lumens up to 8 x 8 feet up to 75
3500 lumens up to 9 x 12 feet up to 250
5000 lumens + up to 10.5 x 14 feet 250 +

What are lumens?
Lumens are used to measure of the perceived power of light.
A projector with a higher lumen output will generate a brighter and potentially much larger image that a projector with a lower lumen output

Why should I use a projection screen?
For basic applications a simple white wall or white drop cloth will work fine, however doing so will sacrifice some degree of image brightness and clarity.

Projection screens are created for a specific purpose: to enhance the overall quality of a projected image. Projection screens are made of highly reflective materials that enhance brightness and contrast without creating glare.

There are many different types and sizes of projection screens available from tripod screens to fast fold screens. We rent projection screens starting at $24 per day plus tax.

Projectors and audio
Remember that most projectors do not emit high quality audio and usually require sound reinforcement of some kind. We can help determine what type of sound reinforcement you will require.

What is included when I rent a projector?
All projector rentals include all basic cable requirements such as power cords and standard VGA cable (used to connect your laptop to the projector).

We also rent various adaptors for Mac users and VGA extension cables up to 100'.

Projector related accessories