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We rent the following screen sizes:

Projection Screen Sizes Projection Screen Types
60" x 60" (5' x 5') Tripod Screen
70" x 70" (6' x 6') Tripod Screen
84" x 84" (7' x 7') Tripod Screen
96" x 96" (8' x 8') Tripod Screen
6 x 8 feet (6' x 8') Fast-fold Screen
9 x 12 feet (9' x 12') Fast-fold Screen
10,5 x 14 feet (10.5' x 14') Fast-fold Screen

Why should I rent a projection screen?
For basic applications a simple white wall or white drop cloth will work fine however doing so will sacrifice some degree of image brightness and clarity.

Projection screens are created for a specific purpose: to enhance the overall quality of a projected image. Projection screens are made of highly reflective materials that enhance brightness and contrast without creating glare.

There are many different types and sizes of projection screens available from tripod screens to fast fold screens.

Fast-fold screen or tripod screen...
Which is best?

Both formats clearly serve an equal purpose: to display a projected image, however each screen type has its own specific application.

Why rent a Tripod projection screen?
Tripod projection screens are typically light weight and portable screen formats. Sizes range from 60" x 60" (5 feet by 5 feet or smaller) and will vary in increments of roughly 12" (one foot) to a maximum size of 96" x' 96" (8 feet by 8 feet).

Newer sizes may include dimensions to better display wide screen video (the screen will be more rectangular rather than square).

Tripod screens are intended for front projection only
(the projector must project its image on to the front of the screen).

we rent tripod screens in ottawa

Basic facts about tripod screens:

  • Light weight and portable
  • Setup is fast simple (requires only 1 person)
  • Great for smaller spaces
  • Requires basic projector only
  • Cost effective
  • Optional dress kit available (black drape - bottom only)
  • Maximum size is only 96" x 96" (8 feet x 8 feet)
  • No rear projection available

Why rent a Fast-fold projection screen
Fast-fold screens are available in much larger sizes than tripod screens (from 7 feet x 7 feet to 12 feet x 12 feet). The trade off to a larger screen size is the requirement for a more powerful projector (higher lumens).

Fast fold screens are made from light weight metals such as aluminum and require on-site assembly. Optional dress kits are available to mask the metal frame and product a "theatre-like experience".

An advantage to fast fold screens is that an image can be projected on the rear of a special membrane that allows light to shine through to the front. Thus, a projector can be setup behind the screen (hidden from the audience) producing a more professional result.

we rent fast-fold screens in ottawa

Basic facts about fast-fold screens:

  • Installation required by two or more people
  • Larger sizes available
  • Optional dress kit (black drape for top, bottom and sides)
  • More setup space required
  • Rear projection available
  • Requires a more powerful projector
  • Higher rental cost than tripod screens

Tripod and Fast-fold
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